Source Incremental New Customers Through More Online Channels Than You Can Reach On Your Own.

DMS intelligently distributes customer acquisition, lead generation and customer engagement campaigns through the expansive W4 Performance Ad Market.

How It Works

Your Campaign. Your Choice of Channels. Your New Customers.

Whether the goal is to acquire new customers, new leads or any other consumer action, DMS has an affiliate marketing solution. We optimize your campaign and distribute it across your choice of online channels, through more publishers than you can reach on your own. All conversions are tracked, and you pay only for verified, quality results.

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Diverse Online Channels

Broad, Yet Targeted, Distribution.

We capture customers across all online channels, and you can choose which channels to use.

  • Blogs: Advertorial posts that leverage the engagement and endorsement of targeted special-interest sites
  • Display: Ad banners placed on websites
  • Email: Permission-based, targeted, opt-in and fully compliant standalone emails and newsletters
  • Mobile: Clickable banner or text ads plus interstitial ads on owned-and-operated smartphone and tablet apps
  • PPV/Contextual Ads: Keyword- and URL-targeted ads delivered via opt-in browser toolbars and web apps
  • Search: Paid search ads typically based on long-tail keywords with negative keywords outlined
  • Social: Ads placed within Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social platforms

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CPA Campaigns

Pay Only For Results.

We develop and optimize high-converting campaigns to deliver affiliate marketing performance you can trust with no upfront media costs.

  • CPAs at or below target cost of acquisition to ensure positive ROI
  • High standards for publishers accepted into network
  • Dedicated staff and tools assure advertising compliance and verify customer quality
  • One-on-one support drives campaign success

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Acquire More Customers.

The W4 Performance Ad Market, part of the DMS family of brands, was founded by affiliate marketing pioneers to bring a higher level of performance to the industry. From creative development to media planning and campaign optimization, W4 does it all to make affiliate marketing work for their clients.

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