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Customer Acquisition

Digital Media Solutions® (DMS) helps brands flourish by capitalizing on consumer intent and engagement, deploying sophisticated adtech with big data intelligence, multi-variate message testing and operationalized compliance to provide unprecedented visibility into digital advertising campaign elements and performance.

Big Data Intelligence Drives Engagement

Leveraging proprietary adtech and robust consumer intelligence, we connect brands with consumers at the moments they’re most ready to take action, using messages proven to resonate.

  • We are judged by both quality and volume, and we deliver results
  • Our customer acquisition campaigns remain sustainable and predictable, even as media spend scales

Skin In The Game

We experiment with our money, and not our clients’ media budgets, investing billions for ongoing split and multi-variate message testing to identify the optimal creative and media mixes to target, engage and convert consumers.

  • Our precision targeting builds awareness and turns intent into conversions
  • We stay one step ahead of digital media changes by continually researching and reporting on the evolution of digital advertising

Operationalized Compliance

We understand how important it is for brands to stay within the lines, so we have prioritized and operationalized compliance across everything we do to offer brand-safe digital consumer engagement opportunities.

  • Unprecedented visibility into campaign elements and performance
  • Best-in-class, real-time data validation partners help verify the accuracy of every data point

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Digital Media Solutions (DMS) is a leading provider of technology-enabled, data-driven digital performance advertising solutions connecting consumers and advertisers.