DMS ExchangeTM, part of the DMS proprietary adtech stack, is a vertical-agnostic marketplace that links advertising clients with publishers to connect customers and prospective customers with brands at scale.


By Connecting Advertisers And Publishers At Scale

A self-service marketplace, DMS Exchange makes it easier and faster to connect high-intent, comparison-shopping consumers with the brands that support their needs.

  • Provides optionality for consumers by bringing publishers and advertisers together at scale
  • Advertisers define their target audiences and advertising budgets, and they’re instantly connected with high-intent consumers ready to take action
  • Approved publishers select the campaigns that best match their audience criteria
  • DMS database of 150 million consumers is leveraged to enhance lead quality and advertisers’ conversion rates
  • Real-time performance feedback helps advertisers and publishers optimize performance


Providing Immediate Access To
High-Intent Consumers

DMS Exchange streamlines launch timelines, providing advertisers with immediate connections to high-intent consumers and a real-time performance feedback loop to automatically optimize campaigns based on advertiser KPIs.

  • Leverages DMS owned-and-operated websites and pre-established relationships with DMS-approved, compliant publishers
  • Simplifies the management of high-intent customer acquisition campaigns by providing fast access to high-quality, vetted publishers
  • Helps advertisers tap into and manage multiple sources to support diversification and optimization strategies


Streamlining The Monetization Process

DMS Exchange attracts the highest-quality publishers by providing free and seamless connections to a pool of advertisers.

  • Publishers simply select the campaigns that best match their audience profiles
  • Prices are set by advertiser bids, with publisher price floors established
  • Pre-ping functionality lets publishers evaluate profitability at the most granular levels, de-risking campaign testing
  • Real-time performance feedback helps publishers optimize performance and hone in on the campaigns that provide the greatest monetization opportunities
  • DMS Exchange leverages the DMS operationalized compliance and billing processes to further simplify campaign operations for publishers

Engage Your
At Scale

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DMS Exchange is a vertical-agnostic marketplace that links advertising clients with publishers to connect customers and near customers with brands at scale.

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