Mapping Data to Understand.
Personalizing to Convert.

If consumer centricity is your goal, knowing your audience is the first step. Identity resolution allows you to map disparate consumer data to a single user file. This intelligence can be employed in the development of rich, people-based marketing strategies that drive results.

Consumer Identification

Uniting Data To Define The Individual.

The foundation of any people-based marketing strategy lies in the ability to understand the consumer at the individual level. Using the industry’s only fingerprint technology within our proprietary, end-to-end technology platform DMS TRAX, we bring together disparate first- and third-party data sources to create unique and robust views of our clients’ audiences.

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Data Enrichment

Know More. Convert More.

Data is power. Leveraging a variety of demographic, psychographic and behavioral data sources, we can identify nearly 260 actionable dimensions for each individual consumer within our industry-leading marketing technology platform. Media consumption information, like click frequency, is appended within DMS TRAX to identify signals that may indicate time to purchase.

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Enhanced Consumer Engagement

Custom Messaging Strategies To Match Individual Consumers.

Campaigns applying robust consumer profile intelligence have a greater propensity to strike when it’s hot with one-to-one messaging that resonates. Marketers investing in identity resolution can reap the benefits of enhanced engagement in every consumer interaction. Request Info »

Amplifying Actionable Data Leads To Maximizing Value At Every Touchpoint. Welcome To The Dms Revolution.