Cost-Effective, High-Performance Acquisition Marketing.

Paid search and pay-per-click (PPC) customer acquisition campaigns, including search engine marketing and remarketing, efficiently place your brand and direct response ads in front of your prospects when they’re on Google and millions of other sites.

Expertise Drives Powerful Performance.

DMS brings significant expertise and powerful performance to paid search and PPC marketing campaigns.

  • Google Partner
  • Focus on keeping quality scores high
  • Dayparting capabilities with click-to-call (CTC) buttons live only when your call center is open

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Campaigns Aligned With Your Objectives.

For each individual client, DMS creates customized, cohesive paid search and PPC strategies designed to get results.

  • Dedicated paid search media strategists work directly with clients to understand and manage to campaign objectives
  • Dynamic bidding strategies to increase traffic and optimize costs

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Connect Pre-Lead To Post-Conversion Data.

Using our award-winning lead management system Sparkroom, we are able to connect pre-lead to post-conversion data for paid search campaigns.

  • Transparency into complete customer journey
  • Keywords optimized based on conversion rates and costs

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Complete Campaign Transparency.

DMS provides full transparency into managed paid search campaign performance. Reporting includes every campaign detail from keywords and ad copy to clicks, conversion rates and full campaign spend details.

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