DMS performance marketing solutions incorporate cutting-edge strategies, including emerging media and state-of-the-art technology to produce targeted, performance-based, cost-effective campaigns that support your acquisition and retention needs. Our initiatives are scalable, repeatable and sustainable for ongoing performance achievement. Amplification and replication of success is built into our course of action.

Lead Generation

Target, Acquire & Engage Consumers At Scale.

You paint a picture of who you want to reach. We’ll design a custom solution to engage and acquire your ideal consumer.

  • High-intent leads at scale to yield sales, feed the dialer or fill your CRM
  • Big data intelligence to drive engagement
  • Generated via cross-channel efforts inclusive of search marketing and social media
  • Highly engaged, scalable audience
  • Proprietary real-time data validation

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CPA Campaigns

Acquire Customers Online — Pay Only For Results.

Grow your business by sourcing new, quality customers using more online channels than you can deploy on your own.

  • Distribute your advertising through our affiliate marketing network
  • Pay only for actual results, on a cost-per-action (CPA) basis
  • Billions of clicks and millions of customers delivered

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Direct to Brand. 100% Contact Rate.

Connect with prospective customers the moment they’re ready to engage.

  • Highly qualified, with verified intent
  • Interest generated via search campaigns
  • Custom campaigns built to client-based specifications
  • 100% exclusive

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Live Agent Transfers

Custom Campaigns. Verified Intent.

Talk with consumers confirmed ready for in-depth conversations.

  • Campaigns based on detailed targeting requirements
  • U.S.-based, in-house call center
  • Exclusive, in-bound leads

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Email Marketing

One-To-One Messaging, Acquisition & Retention.

Leveraging the brand awareness of other channels, email is an ideal finishing channel. Personalized messages are deployed to efficiently engage, re-engage and acquire customers.

  • Fully owned & operationalized, proprietary email system
  • Intelligence database built from actions taken by millions of records
  • Performance-based campaigns: CPM, CPC, CPL, CPA
  • Multi-variable, real-time performance optimization

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Boost ROI. Lower CPA.

DMS helps marketers enhance return on investment and lower average cost per acquisition by generating incremental revenue from traffic to their landing pages.

  • Turn your data into currency
  • Sophisticated, compliant solution
  • Designed to maximize provider profit

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Omni-Channel Campaigns

Reach Your Customers Everywhere They Are.

Using industry-leading big data and marketing automation solutions, DMS formulates and choreographs superior customer journeys.

  • Cross-channel messaging
  • Engagement, nurturing and re-engagement strategies
  • Audience amplification
  • Cross-channel attribution

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