Push Marketing

Fully Managed & Self-Managed Cross-Channel AI Messaging

Engage your audience and build lasting engagement with highly targeted push notifications, in-app messages and email enhancements.

Enhanced Engagement Leads To Greater Lifetime Value

Push notifications engage opted-in consumers to re-engage and reinforce messaging, including promotions, new content and branded offers.

  • DMS solutions maximize opt-in rates and clickthrough rates to boost LTV
  • Precise audience segmentation and custom dynamic variables helps ensure relevant content is delivered to the right audiences at the right time

Fully Managed Push Marketing Solutions

Tap into the powerful potential of web push notifications with solutions fully managed by DMS.

  • Once you add a piece of simple code to your website, proven revenue-creating messages are delivered to opted-in consumers
  • Push messages compliment your business, monetize your content and can include messages that promote your products, services and solutions
  • Dedicated support from DMS experts in push marketing, content monetization, audience engagement and campaign optimization
  • Performance-based campaigns with real-time reporting leverage advanced A.I. and our team’s expertise to maximize push revenue while minimizing user fatigue

Self-Managed Push Marketing Solutions

Re-engage your visitors and drive them back to your site with targeted website push notifications leveraging our Aimtell SaaS technology.

  • 100% deliverability, reaching mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers
  • Launch in minutes after adding the tracking code or installing the Aimtell app or plugin
  • Gain new, opted-in push subscribers with one click
  • Leverage DMS data to group push subscribers into custom audience segments
  • Maximize revenue while ensuring a positive user experience with the automated messages managed within our Aimtell AI-based push messaging SaaS technology
  • Low-cost introductory and enterprise-level plans available

Cross-Channel Digital Solution To Consumer Engagement

DMS push notification solutions help businesses acquire, engage and retain audiences to achieve a variety of marketing objectives, including:

  • Encourage website and blog visitors to return to read new and relevant content
  • Increase ecommerce click rates, engagement and sales
  • Announce new SaaS features and increase user engagement

Monetize & Engage Within All
Web-Push Enabled Browsers

  • Supported Browsers: Chrome (desktop and mobile), Firefox (desktop and mobile), Opera (desktop and mobile), Safari (desktop), Edge (desktop and mobile)
  • Automated Push Notifications: Including trigger-based push notification campaigns, timezone-based delivery, abandoned funnel campaigns and time-based, expiring push notification campaigns
  • First-Party Data Asset Management: Push notifications sent to your opted-in subscribers based on your custom audience segmentation
  • Advanced Campaign Management & Optimization Features: Advanced segmentation, emoji support, large image support, customizable opt-in prompts, welcome pushes, A/B and multivariate split testing, infinite domains, SSL and non-SSL support
  • Fully Compliant Solutions: Compliant with GDPR, CCPA and other regional U.S.-based communications laws and regulations

Engage Your
At Scale

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