The Leading DTC Subscription Marketing Team.

DMS leverages shifts in consumer purchasing patterns to help clients create, launch and optimize recurring revenue programs with CPA-based, multi-channel media campaigns optimized to achieve LTV objectives.

Strategic DTC Subscription Market Consulting

Your Prospects Have Embraced The New DTC World.

DMS helps brands launch and expand in the subscription market by developing engaging and targeted DTC subscription offers.

  • Competitive review assesses marketability
  • Financial modeling and break-even analysis prepares for ongoing marketing success
  • Real-time market testing confirms performance

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Customer Acquisition & Retention

Matching The Right Offer & Message To The Right Audience.

We target consumers who become ongoing subscription customers with strong lifetime value.

  • Strategies focused on converting introductory offer customers into long-term subscribers
  • Programs to address non-responders early in the lifecycle
  • Leverage non-promotional, content-rich audience engagement plans

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Highly Targeted Performance-Based Media

Core Programs Offer No-Risk Opportunities To Acquire Customers.

DMS subscription marketing media plans leverage state-of-the-art technology to create the right balance of targeted and mass media opportunities.

  • Cross-channel, targeted, performance-based media plans
  • CPA, CPC, CPM and CPL campaigns available
  • Campaigns include customer acquisition, post-transaction and re-engagement efforts

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Compelling Creative

Best Practices Deployed To Engage & Drive Customer Acquisition.

DMS develops creative content that maximizes performance.

  • Leverage audience behavior and preference knowledge
  • Ongoing split and multi-variate creative message testing establishes best performing creative set

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Actionable Reporting

Customized To Support Client Needs.

  • Weekly KPI-based campaign lifecycle reporting
  • Performance tracked by source, campaign and offer
  • Reporting identifies best performing audience segments and campaigns
  • Campaign enhancements proactively recommended

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Holistic Network of Services

Best Practices Designed To Maximize Performance.

We have a long history of working with companies to develop and maintain subscription marketing initiatives that exceed campaign expectations.

  • Strategic planning
  • Offer development and optimization
  • Media planning and procurement
  • Creative development
  • Infrastructure development
  • Credit card processing
  • Customer management systems
  • Data modeling and analysis
  • Compliance

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