Proprietary Martech

That Takes The Guesswork Out Of Generating Results

The proprietary, end-to-end marketing technology suite, developed in-house at Digital Media Solutions® (DMS), connects and tracks digital performance marketing data, offering valuable insight into consumer behaviors and campaign performance.

Single Source Of Truth

Our proprietary marketing technology tracks granular campaign performance to provide a clear and accurate understanding of marketing ROI.

  • Pre-lead and post-lead data connected for attribution and results calculations
  • Campaigns regularly optimized to maximize engagement while minimizing spend

Consumer Intelligence Database

Robust consumer engagement tracked and experience-driven matching engines deployed to maximize consumer engagement and conversions.

  • Detailed consumer profiles developed from portfolio consumer interactions
  • Data-based insights base future campaigns on prior successes

Proprietary Advertising & Messaging Platforms

Our proprietary advertising and messaging platforms place branded communications in front of high-intent consumers when they’re most likely to take action.

  • Behaviorally targeted consumer segments hone in on individuals with proven interest
  • Technology platforms provide visibility into inquiry outcomes using AI-driven, real-time reporting

Lead Management & Marketing Analytics

Our proprietary lead management systems help marketers manage complex customer acquisition campaigns, centralizing marketing and lead data to enhance campaign analytics and boost marketing ROI.

  • Lead management plus multi-layered, actionable marketing intelligence
  • Proprietary consumer-behavior modeling with predictive analytics
  • Real-time and process-based marketing automation

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