A Technology Stack Designed For Pure-Play Performance.

At Digital Media SolutionsTM, we know people and processes only triumph when they have absolute confidence in their foundational technology. Relying on the expertise of our award-winning technology team members, we develop and continually enhance our proprietary, industry-leading marketing technology to help ensure measureable, persistent success.

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Tracking Is At The Forefront Of Our Performance Marketing.

The heartbeat of Digital Media Solutions, DMS TRAX is our proprietary, end-to-end technology platform that connects and tracks our campaigns, providing transparency and a single source of truth regarding performance metrics. Industry-leading in its monitoring, analysis and optimization capabilities, DMS TRAX allows us to better understand consumers, effectively engage target audiences in digital media and directly measure marketing results.

  • Compiles millions of first-party data points while performing real-time identity resolution with the industry’s only fingerprint tracking technology
  • Charts robust consumer engagement with experience-driven matching engines to reach consumers when they’re most likely to take action
  • Aggregates buying power to affordably access digital media at scale

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Identity Resolution

The Foundation Of People-Based Marketing.

Identity resolution maps disparate consumer data to a single person, allowing for a deep understanding of your audience and what’s important to them.

  • Connect individual consumer data and actions across multiple activities and lead files
  • Enrich records with first- and third-party demographic, psychographic and behavioral data
  • Better personalize messaging and drive conversions

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