Digital Media Solutions® (DMS) is the leading global adtech company leveraging innovative, performance-driven brand and marketplace solutions to connect consumers and advertisers.

Technology-Enabled Digital Performance Advertising

Our proprietary advertising technology provides unprecedented visibility into consumer actions and campaign performance.

Industry-Leading Distribution

Our marketplace and brand-direct customer acquisition solutions deliver enough impact to significantly move the needle.

Calculated Engagement

We deploy a robust database of consumer intelligence to develop scalable and reliable digital performance advertising campaigns that engage consumers and grow businesses.

Triple Bottom Line

We think past the P&L, measuring our triple bottom line: profits, people and the planet.

Digital Media Solutions leverages the best people, processes and technology in the industry to provide digital performance advertising campaigns that grow businesses, offer visibility into the customer experience and provide accountability for every media dollar spent.

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Digital Media Solutions is a leading provider of technology-enabled digital performance advertising solutions connecting consumers and advertisers.

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