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The team at Digital Media Solutions® (DMS) is committed to the success of our publishers and advertisers. From the simple touches, like being there when you need us, to more strategic support, we build relationships with our publishers and advertisers so we can align needs and deliver both audiences what they need to achieve their goals.

DMS Represents Extensive Monetization  Opportunities

DMS is the largest single entry point for scalable and reliable, technology-enabled digital media distribution, which means we have a long roster of advertisers and active campaigns.

  • DMS owned-and-operated, branded campaigns offer additional opportunities to publishers
  • Although vertical agnostic, supporting a broad list of consumer brands, we always have distribution need for top competitive verticals, including consumer finance, education, insurance, nonprofit and subscriptions

We’re Experts In Digital Customer  Acquisition

Team DMS is comprised of digital advertising professionals, including channel-specific and vertical-specific experts who study customer journeys to understand the art and science of niche digital advertising and apply the learnings to enhance performance.

  • Our solutions leverage a long roster of digital advertising channels and trusted partners
  • Our approach balances quality and quantity to deliver proven results

We’re Innovative, Trusted Leaders

No matter how well a campaign performs, we know it can perform better. We analyze data daily and work with our preferred publishers and advertisers to innovate and adapt, providing solutions to meet tomorrow’s digital advertising needs.

  • Our speed, agility and courage help ensure ongoing success for our advertisers and publisher partners
  • We provide visibility into how we work and what we do
  • Our proprietary advertising technology provides data-based insights that take the guesswork out of campaign development

DMS Performance Ad MarketTM Maximizes Publisher Earning Opportunities

DMS Performance Ad Market gives publishers the tools needed for maximum success, including one-on-one expert advice and the best performing campaigns at the highest rates.

  • We have the broadest mix of high-yielding campaigns in all IAB categories, allowing traffic from all over the U.S.
  • High yielding, technology-enabled CPA, CPC and CPM campaigns
  • Proprietary publisher support platform designed to maximize inventory yield

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Digital Media Solutions (DMS) is a leading provider of technology-enabled, data-driven digital performance advertising solutions connecting consumers and advertisers.