DMS Education uses an extensive portfolio of owned-and-operated, education-focused properties and a diversified, multi-channel media mix to match high-intent students with higher education institutions. We understand the education consumer and their journey, and we use robust targeting and routing logic to deliver predictable marketing solutions to our school partners.

An Industry Leader In Matching Schools With Students Who Enroll & Graduate.

DMS Education is a thought leader in education and performance marketing. Through our support of traditional and for-profit colleges, trade schools, community colleges, boot camps, continuing education providers, OPMs and agencies, we have seen it all. Led by industry veterans and dating back to our founding in 2002, DMS Education is the sum of many education marketing companies you’ve likely been working with for years. Our long history, scale and data-driven approach to education marketing provides unique and highly sought after industry insights and reports about the global and granular trends of student recruitment.

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Premier properties

Connecting High-Intent Prospective Students With Schools.

DMS Education manages an extensive portfolio of owned-and-operated, education-focused properties that attract high-intent prospective students. Using a combination of rich content, school rankings and extensive student resources, we help prospective students identify the programs and colleges that best match their education objectives.

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Operationalized Compliance Delivers Peace Of Mind.

DMS Education employs a diversified, multi-channel media strategy, dominated by internal, owned-and-operated traffic. Because we understand the highly regulated environment of the education industry and the importance of how your brand is represented, we have invested heavily in proprietary and third-party monitoring tools. Our industry-leading process is supported by an in-house legal and compliance team.

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Consistent & Scalable Enrollment Marketing.

DMS Education has significant reach and manages a large and growing share of the enrollment marketing industry.

  • 29 owned-and-operated, education-focused properties
  • 200+ higher education partners
  • 2+ million monthly visitors
  • Seasoned leadership team with more than 50 years of collective experience in education

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