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Digital Media Solutions® (DMS) offers extraordinarily scalable and cost-effective, martech-enabled digital performance marketing solutions. We leverage our industry-leading media distribution to deploy customized, digital, performance-based customer acquisition campaigns, and we track every interaction to provide direct accountability for every dollar spent.

Customized, Performance-Based Solutions

DMS martech-enabled customer acquisition campaigns are designed to effectively engage target audiences and achieve the unique customer acquisition objectives of our clients.

  • Experience-driven matching engines reach consumers when they're ready to take action
  • Choreographed campaigns leverage multi-channel engagement to drive awareness, nurture and convert

Industry-Leading Digital Distribution

To help brands engage consumers at scale, DMS has built and assembled the broadest, vertical-agnostic digital media distribution capabilities in the market. Our proprietary media, inclusive of owned-and-operated websites and messaging platforms, combined with our premium partner publisher network provide distribution volume that can make a true impact on business results.

  • Media distribution to every American consumer segment
  • Highly diversified digital campaigns drive volume while providing meaningful optimization opportunities

Direct Accountability For Marketing Spend

DMS performance-based, martech-enabled campaigns prioritize ROI calculations. We use cookie-less tracking to map touchpoints to conversions, directly measuring results and providing accountability for every media dollar spent.

  • Proprietary, closed-loop conversion tracking process
  • Multi-variable, real-time performance optimization continually improves results

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